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Diversity in America

America is home to variety of people, coming from all over the world, and representing every level of society. America has poor people and rich people. People who live in cities and on farms. There are children with two parents, one parent, or no parents. There are private schools and public schools. There are many religions and many languages. What an American is is hard to define. One does not neccesarily look American, or act American, one does not neccesarily speak English.

America as a country, has a short history, only 230 years. But during this time it has attracted immigrants from all over the world. Within its boundaries one can be taken aback by this diversity. At one time there was a theory of the melting pot, that was popular in American thought, that as people came together We all merged into a strong single group, losing our cultural heritages and assuming the mantle of a uniform American society. Currently a new idea has become more popular, that We are not really a melting pot, but rather, are more similar to a stew pot, where all the diverse cultures and ideas, blend together and enhance each other, in America We believe We gain strength from our diversity.